Dallas Organization With a Mission to Change Young Lives Celebrates 10 Years

There is a story "Behind Every Door."

The Dallas-based organization has for 10 years been opening their door of opportunity, encouraging children to stand up and rise despite their circumstances. This weekend marks the organization's founding.

Behind Every Door is on a mission to continue to transform lives by serving the underserved. Leaders of the organization say they’re doing that by being present daily, believing the best about those who live in the communities they serve and partnering with other organizations to build up the community.

They’re able to offer about 10 activities six days a week to hundreds of kids at their three community centers across Dallas.

"We are inside a community center that is located inside an apartment complex that looks and feels like a home and gives people access to lots of wonderful opportunities," said Exec. Dir. Will Dowell. "We’ve got literacy, we've got coding and robotics, we've got art classes, music classes, dance classes."

"It’s a relationship that you have with a friend, it's a relationship that you have with a big brother. It's a relationship that you have with a father," said Darion Lewis, Dir. of Operations." We're here, and we’re going to be here, and we’re here to stay."

Behind Every Door plans to expand their reach over the next three years into 10 communities in Dallas, serving more than 1,200 kids in need. They’ll celebrate a decade of service and growth in their new community center in South Dallas Saturday Sept. 28. It’s located in Bonton, next door to Bonton Farms on Bexar Street in Dallas.

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