Dallas on target to complete 60-day storm debris cleanup

The city of Dallas Department of Sanitation Services says an estimated 200,000+ cubic yards of storm debris has been cleaned up since the May 28 storm

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The city of Dallas asking for your patience if you still have storm debris piled up at your curbside.

One month after the historic storm knocked out power to half a million people in Dallas, the city’s sanitation department says it is on target to get it all cleaned up by the end of July.

Widespread damage on May 28 has meant widespread cleanup and in about half the neighborhoods, like in east Dallas where we met Clayton Hurt, it means waiting a bit longer.

“It seems slow, especially when you see the tricks driving by, I know they’re working,” Hurt said.

The stretch of Hermosa Drive near Centerville Road has many debris piles tall enough to block views of on-coming traffic

“I mean, it’s an eyesore,” Hurt said.

Dallas Department of Sanitation Services Director Clifton Gillespie set a 60-day goal to get it all cleaned up and told NBC-5 Friday the city remains on target to make it happen.

He says 160 people are currently working six days a week throughout the city to clean up an estimated 400-thousand cubic yards of storm-related debris.

The city has spent an estimated $8.3 million on the cleanup and hopes to have the cost reimbursed as part of a federal disaster declaration.

“We’re about 60 percent through with our collections,” Gillespie said.

“Please be patient with us, please just keep that storm debris out and please don’t add anything that’s non-storm related.”

There’s also an interactive map available marking where the storm cleanup is complete, where crews are currently and where they are going next.

Hurt says he understands the two-month timeline and hopes next time a large debris truck drives down his stretch of Hermosa Drive, crews will take the final visual reminder from the historic storm with them.

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