Frisco firefighter fired while on medical leave wins workers' comp case

After the case was heard by the Texas Department of Insurance, a judge ordered the city of Frisco to pay back lost income.

NBC 5 News

Cameron Kraemer, a firefighter who worked for the city of Frisco for 27 years and was fired while on medical leave, won his workers’ compensation case before the Texas Department of Insurance, and now the city must pay accrued unpaid income with interest, according to the Frisco Fire Fighters Association.

Kraemer, an assistant fire chief, was in the midst of a workers’ compensation appeal for PTSD when, on May 1, Frisco fired him.

He was undergoing treatment for long-term post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a condition he has been dealing with since 2020 and has been getting medical help for.

His condition intensified in August 2022 when, after two major structure fires and a mayday call, Kraemer lost control and yelled at employees. The next day, a firefighter was severely injured when a fire truck backed up and pinned him against a wall.

Kraemer said he was cleaning up blood and excretions from the event when he began crying uncontrollably.

“They took away my job, it took away all my benefits, they took away everything,” he told The Dallas Morning News. “And they wanted me to retire.”

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