Cowboys Tyrone Crawford Gets Madden to Change His In-Game Appearance

Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman Tyrone Crawford was not happy when he saw how his likeness was represented in Madden 19 - in fact, he was so upset he demanded a change.

Crawford, a third-round selection out of Boise State University in 2012, was upset with the fact he looked "like humpty-dumpty" in one of the country's most popular sports video games.

And he made sure Madden knew he was not comfortable standing idly by while they disrespected his appearance.

Fortunately for Crawford, Madden was open to hearing criticism and chose to review his character's build.

EA Sports, Madden's parent company, realized they may have been a bit unforgiving with Crawford's appearance, so his character has been updated with a more fit look.

Crawford, now content with his Madden appearance, will look to build on his Madden rating in his 5th season as a starter on the team's defensive front.

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