North Texas

Cowboys or Packers? One Family in Rowlett Has Fans of Both

The trash talk never stops at the Crafton household in Rowlett, where the battle lines have been drawn before Sunday's playoff game at AT&T Stadium.

"I've just always liked the Packers," said Gina Crafton, who grew up in North Texas. "Usually, whoever the Cowboys are playing, I'll root for that opposing team, and then when Green Bay is on he usually talks trash during the Green Bay game."

Her husband, Mel Crafton, born in Detroit, roots for the Dallas Cowboys and expects to be boasting after Sunday's game.

"She gets real emotional if they start losing," said Mel Crafton. "When they get beat by halftime I'm sure I won't see her after that."

Married for the last 10 football seasons, the couple's divided loyalties are well known among their friends, and they often exchange team gear as gifts.

"It was actually our anniversary," Gina Crafton said. "And he got me the Packers purse, and then I got him the Cowboys bowling ball bag."

"I think she just carries it to irritate me," Mel Crafton said.

They already have a bet for Sunday's game, with the loser forced to wear the other team's jersey for a day and post a picture on Facebook for a week.

"I think it's going to be a very interesting game," Gina Crafton said. "Someone is going to have a bad Monday, for sure."

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