Coupon-Clad Shoppers Flock to Kroger's Super Saturday

With coupons in hand and savings on their mind, North Texas shoppers flocked to local Krogers in search of a great deal.  Kroger's Super Saturday did not disappoint.

For coupon clippers like Joanne Gardner, it was a dream come true.

"I got Shout, Tide, Glade, Carpet Cleaner," said Gardner.  "It was great.  I really enjoyed it."

For everyone else, Kroger Super Saturday was a reason to join the coupon clipper club.  Even if it was just for one day.

"My wife pegged this day.  She loaded me up with coupons," said shopper Jeff May.  "She went through this morning and cut and clipped and gave me a big list and crossed everything off."

Shoppers only had one day to get double-off coupons between $.40 and $1.00.  Triple off coupons up to $.39.  Its a deal no super-saver could pass up.

"When I saw that its double-up off up to a $1 coupon I made sure I had all of them together," said one shopper.

At the check out counter, after the coupons were scanned is really where the celebrations began.  One shopper emerged with a receipt about two-feet long.

"Lets see, it says I saved $101.80."

"We saved $37.00 so I guess its worth it," said May.

Many viewed Super Saturday as an unexpected gift from a local grocer.  One they hope they'll see again real soon.

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