Could COVID-19 Cancel Halloween?

Several public events have been canceled as #savehalloween2020 is being shared on social media

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Halloween is weeks away but people are already talking about it.

Like everything else this year, COVID-19 is changing how many celebrate.

Dallas Vintage Shop in Plano sells costumes from every era.

“They call from Dubai, England,” owner Jerry Purvis said.

It’s a place to get lost in the past and future, but COVID-19 is a constant reminder of the times.

“If we don't make it, I'm going to go down fighting,” Purvis said.

Purvis said he survived the shutdown selling homemade face coverings.

Halloween is usually when he gets back in the black.

“The rest of the year is just maintaining. Halloween is actually where we make profit,” he said.

This year, Purvis said he expected to make a quarter of his usual sales.

Nearby, Dark Hour Haunted House isn't making a dime. This time of year, the place is usually crawling with people.

Last week, the venue announced it was postponing its Halloween event because of the pandemic.

Screams Halloween Theme Park in Waxahachie canceled, too, in July.

With many public events called off nationwide, the hashtag #savehalloween2020 is being shared on social media.

“I think that each person will have to make hard decisions just like we did about what is right for my people, what is right for my family, and carry on Halloween however they can,” said Amy Reed, marketing and promotions director for Dark Hour Haunted House.

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