Cops: Send Katy Trail Trouble Spots to Our Inbox

Dallas police say they want the public's help in policing a popular jogging trail.

Warmer temperatures and longer days will bring a noticeable increase in minor crime along Katy Trail in the heart of Uptown Dallas, police say.

It happens every year, but this spring, police are turning to a new tactic. Police said they want runners, walkers and bikers to e-mail them about specific trouble spots along the 3 1/2-mile trail.

"In the evenings and weekends and early in the morning, (I feel) very safe. In the middle of the day, (I feel) 50 percent safe -- moderately," Joy Kennedy said.

Dallas police predict Katy Trail will see an increase in what officers call "quality of life" offenses such as public intoxication, panhandling and public urination.

"I've seen people that obviously don't really have anywhere else to be walking along the Katy Trail, kind of looking around," Lucy Smith said.

Mckenzie Johnson said she once saw someone who didn't appear to be wearing any pants.

Police said certain areas of the trail will get added attention based on the public's feedback.

Smith said she has seen issues between Lemmon and downtown Dallas.

Johnson also said she had concerns with part of the trail.

"There is an area where there is trees on both sides of the road, and I don't feel like its very secure," Johnson said.

Bicycle officers patrol the trail throughout the day. Dallas police said Katy Trail enthusiasts can expect to see more of a police presence warmer weather attracts more trail visitors.

"I think the police are doing as good a job as they can," Smith said.

People can e-mail their concerns to

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