Compost Fire at Denton Landfill Could Burn for Several Days: Officials

denton fire department
NBC 5 News

A fire at a Denton landfill will likely continue to burn for several days, officials said.

According to the Denton Fire Department, officers responded to a reported fire at the Denton Landfill at 1100 South Mayhill at approximately 4:33 a.m.

Officials said fire crews arrived to find one of the water reclamation compost piles on fire, which was approximately 100 yards long and 15 feet high.

The decomposition of the compost can get very hot, officials said, and the overnight high winds heated it enough to catch fire.

Landfill crews were on scene for several hours pulling apart the pile, and Denton fire crews rotated shifts throughout the day to keep an eye on the compost.

The fire was contained to the compost pile, and it will likely continue to smolder for the next few days, officials said.

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