Company's Request to Close Street Draws Fire

Wire company asked to close street that runs through its property

Some McKinney residents are criticizing the city's decision to allow a company to close part of a road that bisects its campus.

Encore Wire Corp. asked for permission to gate off Millwood Road because its not safe for employees to cross the street, which has no stoplight or crosswalk. "A lot of people use this road as a drag strip," said Kevin Kieffer, Encore Wire's vice president.

But longtime residents such as Paul Rollins say it's not enough of a reason to close the road.

"Whatever the city wants to do out here is fine, but they don't care about the residents out here," he said.

Under the Encore Wire's agreement with the city, the company will be able to use gates and security guards to block a roughly half-mile stretch of Millwood.

Rollins said speeding and safety issues should be solved with police patrols, not gates.

Encore Wire is also required to pay for the extension of nearby Elm Street to Airport Road to alleviate some of the traffic congestion that will occur because of Millwood Road's closure.

"We think this was the best decision to make," McKinney Mayor Pro-Tem Bill Cox said. "It is inconvenient for some."

Rollins said he is disappointed city leaders sided with corporate interests instead of homeowners.

"It's an inconvenience," he said. "I got to go out of my way, and I can't see why I should be inconvenienced because of this wire company."

Millwood Road is scheduled to be closed some time in the next year.

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