Cobb Eager to Contribute to Cowboys


Former Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb says the Cowboys were the perfect landing spot for him during free agency.

"I feel like I can provide a piece to this offense," said Cobb, adding, "You know we got a great running game. A great balanced offense and I think I just provide another threat."

Dak Prescott likes the sound of that and he loves the fact that Cobb was a successful quarterback in high school and during his freshman year at the University of Kentucky.

"His background of playing at quarterback really shows," said Prescott. "When he's asking, 'What number am I in the read?' When he's supposed to come in and block a guy that's in the box you don't have to motion him. You look up and he's already in the box and so things like that he's been great and he's going to benefit this team in so many ways."

This is the second storied franchise Cobb has played for in the NFL. Here's how he compares the atmosphere in Green Bay to the environment surrounding "America's Team."

"The moment I walked in here you could see everything is top notch, everything is well thought out," said Cobb. "From the design of this building to the way they care about equipment and the way that they treat us as players and I'm very fortunate to play for both."

On many occasions, Cobb has been an enemy of the Cowboys. For example during that infamous playoff game in 2015. His late catch sealing a big victory for the Packers.

"That was a lot of fun you know that was an exciting game," said Cobb. "I've been a part of some great Cowboys-Packers games over the years and we've got one this year so hopefully I'l be on the right side of that one too."

Now that's something Cobb and Cowboys fans can finally agree on.

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