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Co-Sleeping Infant Suffocates Under Intoxicated, Asleep Father: Police

Child's father held on manslaughter charge after boy suffocates in bed

A Sherman man is behind bars after allegedly suffocating his 2-month-old child to death Tuesday night after passing out in bed, police say.

Greyson County Jail
Miguel Angel Gomez, Jr.

KTEN-TV in Sherman reports police said Miguel Angel Gomez Jr was intoxicated when he passed out on the bed next to his infant son, Marcelo Alexzander, "recklessly suffocating him."

Gomez's girlfriend arrived home to find the baby unresponsive.

The child was then transferred to Wilson N. Jones Hospital where he was pronounced dead about three hours later, KTEN said.

"People co-sleep with their children, but you have to know if you're co-sleeping with a small infant there's a chance of this happening, so people need to be aware of it, especially being intoxicated to that level where you're completely passed out, that just compounds the issue," said Sgt. Brett Mullen, with the Sherman Police Department.

Greyson County Jail records show Gomez is currently being held on a manslaughter charge with a $200,000 bond. KTEN reports the manslaughter charge is being referred to the grand jury.

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