Tarrant County

Classic Car Theft Ring Busted in Tarrant County: Police

1931 Ford hot rod among the vehicles recovered, police say

Tarrant Regional Auto Crimes Task Force

A 1931 Ford hot rod and a 1971 Chevy pickup were among the vehicles recovered when police busted a stolen classic car ring in Tarrant County.

NBC 5 News
Christopher Hammons, left, and Christopher Day, right.

Investigators from the Tarrant Regional Auto Crimes Task Force found the vehicles on a lot in Richland Hills.

Chrisopher Day, 47, and Christopher Hammons, 31, were booked into the Tarrant County Jail on felony theft warrants.

The men used fake names and bogus checks to buy the vehicles in the Mt. Pleasant area and sold them to unsuspecting buyers, police said.

One of the vehicles, a Corvette, was purchased by someone in Parker County, who then sold it to someone in Arkansas.

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