Keller Wildlife Art Vandalized; City Forced to Paint Over It

A series of wildlife paintings left by a mystery artist in a tunnel underneath Keller's Bear Creek Parkway were recently vandalized, and the city said they were forced to paint over the portraits. 

Starting in mid-January, the mystery artist first left a portrait of a doe. After Keller's parks department manager, Gary Davis, said he "didn't have the heart to paint over it" more animals started to appear: two turkeys, a turtle, an armadillo and a bird. [[411629336,C]]

But on Saturday afternoon, a post to the city's Facebook page said someone vandalized the paintings and crews were forced to paint over them. 

City officials had previously said they wanted to meet the mystery artist to talk about how they could better prep the tunnel's walls for more art. [[412642333,C]]

Several people commented on Facebook that they hoped the artist would paint more portraits, despite the vandalism.

"I hope the artist comes forward and will paint again for us. Please. We enjoyed your work," said one person. [[412794673,C]]

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