City Removes Mysterious Statue From Site of Former Dallas Confederate Memorial

The artist behind a series of guerilla artworks in downtown Dallas struck again, but the latest work has now been taken down

Brandon Wade / Dallas Morning News Special Contributor

The spot where the city of Dallas removed the Confederate memorial in Pioneer Park played host briefly to a new statue this week before it too was removed by the city.

On Monday, a passerby spotted a human-like figure standing right where the memorial vanished last year. Closer inspection revealed the new artwork to be a strange one. It had the body of a human and the face of a creature out of a Lovecraft novel. It wore a dress, and through a tear in the sleeve, you could see suction cups on its body.

In its hand was a dollar coin. Around its head, a halo. And then there was the platform below its feet, a pedestal made of what looked like animal skulls and bones.

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