City of Mesquite Approves Short-Term Rental Reforms

Joel Saget | AFP | Getty Images

The City of Mesquite City Council has approved stronger regulations on short-term rentals, officials confirmed in a press release Tuesday.

The council passed a series of measures to address concerns from residents that include parking, loud noises, commercial events and disorderly conduct at houses where short-term rentals like Airbnb are used.

“Residents want to be able to peacefully enjoy their homes,” Councilmember Tandy Boroughs said in a press release. “Occupants on short-term rentals should not be able to host parties with dozens of people and create noise and parking problems.”

Short-term rentals in recent years have become popular alternative housing spots for vacation goers.

The new amendments reforming rentals include an annual license, inspection requirements, limiting the number of overnight guests, parking and advertising, mandatory exterior postings on property that include a local host’s name and phone number and more.

“Over the past several years, we’ve had several issues with short-term rentals being used for large gatherings,” Mesquite Mayor Daniel Aleman Jr. said. “These parties often get out of hand and police are called. These changes are intended to hold the property owner responsible for activities that occur on their property and protect neighbors who do not want to be disturbed by weekly parties and loud noise.”

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