North Texas

Chipotle Warns of Data Breach

Chipotle customers may want to check their bank statements after hackers hit most of its restaurants in a massive data hack, including dozens in North Texas.

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It's unclear how many cards or customers were impacted by the breach.

Chipotle has roughly 2,250 stores across the US.

The company says hackers used malware to steal payment data over a span of three weeks, from March 25 to April 18. 

Account numbers and even internal verification codes were stolen. That information can be used to drain bank accounts, and even clone cards.

Chipotle says the malware has been removed, and its systems are safe again.

If you went to the restaurant during those dates: 

  • Monitor your card statements.
  • If you see an unauthorized charge, contact your bank immediately.
  • Even if your bank is able to reverse the charge, you should still request a new card altogether.
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