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Child Suffered Trauma as Witness to Killing of Atatiana Jefferson, Lawsuit Says

The woman’s 8-year-old nephew was questioned after the October 2019 shooting without parental consent, his mother says

atatiana jefferson
Jefferson Family Photo

The mother of a young boy who witnessed a Fort Worth police officer’s fatal shooting of Atatiana Jefferson has filed a lawsuit against the ex-officer, the city, and its former police chief and mayor.

The lawsuit filed Wednesday in federal district court says the child, Zion Carr, “suffered extreme and severe mental and emotional distress, anxiety, terror and agony” from watching his aunt die while officers performed CPR.

Authorities also questioned the boy without parental consent, according to the lawsuit, which does not specify the damages being sought.

“At the age of 8, Z.C. was forced to watch the murder of his aunt, Atatiana Jefferson, at the hands of Fort Worth police,” the lawsuit says.

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