Child Found After Falsely Being Reported Abducted

Police said they found a child at a Dallas bus stop that was reportedly left in a running car early Wednesday morning.

The caregiver said the 4-year-old child was in the backseat of the car when it was stolen outside a store in the 4100 block of West Camp Wisdom Road at about 2:30 a.m., according to police.

Police said they found the child unharmed at a bus stop in the 5600 block of Westmoreland Road a short time later.

Witnesses told NBC 5 the child's caregiver — later identified as 24-year-old Shaquille Ricks — went into a nearby store and left the child in the running car. The car was stolen while the man was inside.

Investigators later determined that the child was not in the car when it was stolen. Ricks was taken into custody and charged with endangering a child.

Police said they went back to the scene of the abduction. Investigators said the suspected thieves fled in a silver Ford Mustang convertible with wide rims.

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