Chicago-Based Artist Finds Inspiration from Dallas Cowboys

A Chicago-based artist is spending the week in North Texas ahead of the Dallas Cowboys' game Monday night.

Michael Bailey is getting inspiration from the 12-2 Cowboys and he's putting that inspiration down on paper.

Bailey, who goes by the name "Zebra," sketches the players who now have Cowboys fans thinking about a deep postseason run.

Bailey says he's two-for-two so far on picking champions.

"I went to Cleveland. I did Lebron, Kyrie Irving, (Kevin) Love, because I thought they were going to win," said Bailey. "They came back from 3-1 and won. I also did the Cubs, and they came back from 3-1 and won the World Series. So, this is my third try – the Cowboys," said Bailey.

Bailey says he's enjoyed the friendliness of North Texans and will be here through game day.

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