Celebrity Hat Designer Shares Last-Minute Idea for Perfect Kentucky Derby-Inspired Hats

The Kentucky Derby isn’t called the most exciting two minutes in sports for nothing. It’s high octane and fast-paced, but it’s also a day to showcase your fashion.

That goes for people who actually go to this weekend’s 145th Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, or for those who are just attending a party locally.

The outfits are great, but synonymous with the Derby, are the hats.

Shane Walker
Hat designer Shane Walker with Cher.

"People get very competitive and they are huge," said Dallas hat creator and owner of Flower Reign, Shane Walker. "There's a contest at the Kentucky Derby. It's probably one of the most important days to wear a hat!"

Walker has designed several hats specifically for people who are attending the Kentucky Derby. Perhaps his biggest claim to fame to date, the celebrities he has designed hats for: Cher, Willie Nelson and currently a hat commissioned by Boy George.

"Boy George and I actually share a birthday! Yes, this is very special to me," Walker said.

For Walker, it’s not just a hat people are putting on, but a statement they are making to the world.

"When you put on the hat, it’s like the icing on the cake. It’s all about the perfect accessory. And you feel so good and hats really tell a person’s personality," Walker said.

It’s a little too late to commission one of Walker’s one of a kind hats, but he gave us an idea on where we can all go snag a last minute Derby party hat.

"There is a place in Dallas called Rebecca’s Fashion and its over in North Dallas. They have a really good selection of hats. They are like your basic hats. You can get those, add a few flowers or feathers or just wear them the way that they have," Walker said.

Coverage of the 145th Kentucky Derby begins Saturday at 1:30 p.m. on NBC 5 with the race starting at about 5:50 p.m.

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