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Summer cooking camp has students learning all things culinary

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 School lunches have usually gotten a bad reputation of not being something most kids crave.

But this summer kids are going back to school to spend time in the cafeteria, soaking up all things school lunch.

If you look at the food, rather than the faces --- you might think it's the latest junior cooking show, as little chefs sit at small workstations chopping veggies, and working to perfect their dishes.

"Cooking is a life skill they need and kids, really really enjoy it," said Jason Aronen, Chef, Grapevine-Colleyville ISD.

He designed a menu that kids would hopefully enjoy, and be able to replicate at home.

"I’ve made cookies, ice cream, strawberries and cream, shortbread cookies, dumplings, egg rolls and sweet and sour sauce," one student told us.

The campers were eager to show their families what they learned.

"I really liked folding the sides together and rolling it, it was fun putting the filling in," said one student.

"My mom and dad will definitely be surprised but will also be happy and will start saying you should start cooking for me."

It was quite serious getting the recipes just right, unless you're young Ashton who kept skipping the water to seal her dumplings, and using her tongue instead, because she somehow liked the taste of cornstarch.

They mix in lessons on everything from the proper way to use a knife to what careers are available in the culinary industry.

Grapevine-Colleyville ISD hopes to expand the camp to more students next school year.

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