Arlington ISD camp prepares students for coding & tech jobs

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There's some serious thought going on at the Dan Dipert Career & Technology Center in the Arlington ISD.

We found three young men intently working, measuring, and buried in their devices. They're programming drones to deliver "make-believe" pizzas or packages. They're mapping out a course that could be a real-life job for these guys before long.

"I really love science, and I like robotics and want to be a robotic engineer, so all of this I find really fun because it teaches me how to use things I've never used before and how to work with them," said Westley Torres, a rising seventh grader.

It's called Camp Innovation where Arlington ISD brings out all the toys but challenges the kids in projects and obstacle courses to not just play but perfect their knowledge.

"They're still having fun like any other summer camp but they're learning at the same time. They're given the opportunity to learn how to code, problem solve, collaborate," said Stephen Hayes, Technology Director.

It's been around for almost 10 years and has already led students to careers in technology. Some are experts, and some are having their first time getting their hands dirty with all this stuff.

From working on robots to racing spheres in the water, it was all things tech, fun and educational.

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