SUV Dangles From Downtown Austin Parking Garage

It looked like a scene from a Hollywood movie, a driver escaping his SUV as it dangled from the side of a parking garage in Austin Friday afternoon.

Austin police say the driver drove off the parking garage at the corner of Congress Avenue and East Sixth Street just after 2:30 p.m.

Andrew Miller shot video of the driver escaping from the SUV caught in the tension wires on the side of the parking garage.

"The driver was still in the driver seat when I came outside," Miller told KXAN-TV. "It looked pretty dangerous even though it wasn’t swinging."

Miller said it was a close call for a Jimmy John's delivery person who was bicycling below where the SUV came over the garage.

Crews slowly lower an SUV that had been dangling from an Austin parking garage to the ground below.

Emergency crews worked to get the suspended vehicle down.

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