Scott Gordon

Twisters Hit Canton Twice in Two Years

The National Weather Service in Fort Worth says at least six tornadoes hit parts of north and east Texas

The 3,500 people who live in Canton have shared the same experience about the awesome power of Mother Nature -- twice.

Two tornadoes have hit the same small Van Zandt County town in just two years.

The latest dropped down Wednesday afternoon but damage was largely limited to a convenience store and a health clinic.

The last, on April 20, 2017, was much worse.

"We pay attention to the weather nowadays," said retired Garland firefighter Don Good.

His house was destroyed two years ago and his wife Charlotte was seriously injured.

Wednesday's twister came within about a mile of them.

"It was pretty impressive," Charlotte Good said.

But their new home, which they rebuilt on the same property, was spared.

"If you're living life, things are going to happen to you," Don Good said. "I wish it wouldn't have happened to us. I wish this wouldn't have happened. But it's not about what happens, it's your response to what happens."

Meanwhile, another Canton resident has now survived not two -- but three -- tornadoes.

Thelma Barker, 84, was seriously injured in another twister seven years ago just outside town. It left her in a wheelchair for several months.

"I'm tired of running," Barker said. 'If the next one comes, it better be the last one."

Barker makes quilts which she donates to charity.

Her roof is missing a few shingles from this week's storm.

"The first one got my body, the second one nearly got my house, and this one went right over the top of my house," she said.

Barker said she doesn't know what the message is.

"Somebody said, 'God keeps telling you something.' I said, 'Well he better put it on a piece of paper because I don't know what he wants me to do,'" she said.

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