San Francisco Bay Area Police Officers Will Run Dallas Marathon to Pay Tribute to Slain Officers

Five months ago, five police officers were killed in downtown Dallas. On Sunday, 20 police officers from the San Francisco Bay Area will pay tribute by running in the Dallas Marathon.

"I think it's a fair representation when you run in a full marathon you're going to experience a lot of pain and things that will make you want to quit," said San Leandro Police Sgt. Ryan Gill. "It represents what the times are for law enforcement right now."

After the July 7 police shootings, Gill recruited other Bay Area officers to run in the Dallas Marathon.

The officers will run in their police uniforms.

"It represents the tragedies that take place across the nation," said Fresno County Sheriff's Office Lt. Brandon Pursell. "The race is about honoring a lot of people who aren't home. It's about a lot of people who aren't with brothers, fathers and sons."

Most of the officers have never raced in a full marathon.

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