Busted Pipes Follow Rising Temperatures

Plumbers across North Texas are getting flooded with calls about busted water pipes.

"Now, today that the temperature has warmed up above freezing, all the hidden frozen parts are starting to rear their ugly head," said Boyd Batterson, with Public Service Plumbers in Dallas.

Terry Haines heard the pipe above his shower burst less than three hours after the temperature rose above freezing.

"Huge rushing, just, 'Shoosh!'" said Haines. "I mean, it was really noisy loud."

The pipe froze while Haines and his wife were away for the past week.

"I couldn't turn the water off," Haines said. "I turned the sprinkler off, but I couldn't turn the big water off."

"We were really lucky the way it's shooting out, hitting the wall and into a drain. Otherwise, it, the whole house, the whole bathroom area, would have been flooded," Haines said.

One plumber came to shut off the water, and another showed up to make the needed repairs.

"I guess it's just everything has its time in home ownership," Haines said.

Plumbers suggest leaving some water dripping from faucets or shower heads along exterior walls, and opening cabinet doors to let heat from the house warm pipes behind them.

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