Bush Library Debuts New Exhibit on Presidential Getaways

The exhibit features Camp David, Kennebunkport, Crawford and LBJ Ranch

A personal look inside the private retreats of America's Presidents from a woman who knows them well, former First Lady Laura Bush.

Mrs. Bush took Meredith Land on a tour of the President George W. Bush Presidential Center's new exhibit, "Presidential Retreats: Away from the White House."

"You know, Presidents, of course really don't get down time. They're always Presidents, so any problem comes to them wherever they are,” Mrs. Bush said Wednesday.

For over two centuries, the American public has heard about Presidential retreats from Camp David in Maryland to the Bush family's ranch in Crawford, Texas.

"We went to Camp David very often. Then President Bush, George's dad did as well and of course, we'd already been there when he was president for those Christmases," said Mrs. Bush.

The Prairie Chapel Ranch, Bush 43 and family's getaway was a place where the President Bush could unwind while in office.

"I don't know if you remember but he was well known for chopping cedar the entire time. I think that was a great outlet for reading the press," Mrs. Bush said with a laugh.

Leaders from around the world visited Crawford. Mrs. Bush said relationships were formed on these more casual trips.

First families live mostly in the spotlight, but the moments spent at these retreats are cherished memories.

"Here are photographs from our ranch during those times that Jenna got married there, and another weekend or summer retreat of both George and his dad at Walker's Point in Maine and that's where Barbara got married."

Walker's Point in Kennebunkport, Maine is where the late President George H.W. Bush spent the most time with family.

"Here's the big house. You can see what it looks like," Mrs. Bush said pointing to the exhibits photographs of the iconic family home.

LBJ's famous ranch in Stonewall, Texas where he was known for his, "BBQ diplomacy" is represented here too, along with rare family photos and videos. Guest lists, handwritten letters, special photos and videos are all on display for anyone to see. It's a big glimpse into Presidential life away from every day politics.

"It was a great retreat to be back home in Texas and something nice, I think was really reassuring was being in your own home."

Click here for more information about the exhibit, which runs through Oct. 6.

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