Burleson Police Warn of Coronavirus Email Phishing Scam

“This little measure can save you,” the email reads.

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NBC News

Burleson police are warning the public about an email phishing scam involving the coronavirus.

Burleson police posted on Facebook this week and said the scam email prompts people to open an attached document titled "safety measures" for the coronavirus. Do not open the file, police warn.

Police say when someone clicks on the PDF file, that file could reveal your personal information to include username, passwords, credit and/or debit card numbers.

“If you see an email like this, just delete the email,” police said.

Photo courtesy: Burleson Police Department, Facebook

To date, the global death toll for coronavirus has risen to at least 638 as confirmed cases reach more than 31,000 in China.

In the U.S., there have been 12 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and no deaths.

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