Burglary Suspect Rappels Into Denton Skateboard Shop

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In the early hours of February 5, most North Texans were nestled in their homes. That morning, the last of the week’s ice and snow had yet to melt, and temperatures had dropped to the lowest point all season.

Still, at Denton Skate Supply, surveillance cameras captured a man peering in through the front door. Minutes later, he was on the roof sawing his way in. Cameras captured him rappelling into the store via rope before he turned them the other way.

“It was pretty mind-blowing. Like I said, we've been burglarized a couple of other times and they used the typical, break a window come in. But the roof aspect kind of added a comical, you know, element to it. We can't help but laugh. It's just not what we ever expected. You know?” said owner Crit Kiley.

Kiley said the thief used a long metal grabber to pull a couple of skateboard decks out before climbing in.

He escaped on a stolen longboard, getting away with about $400 in merchandise.

Denton Skate Supply said he was wearing a dark-colored zip-up cold weather jump suit with a light-colored beanie.

He left behind a yellow Calflex skateboard, tools and clothing.

The bigger impact for the small family-run business was the hole he left behind.

As snow and ice began to melt, water poured into the store before Kiley could get it patched.

He said repairing the roof cost about $2,000.

“It was not worth it, not for him. Everybody in town is looking for you buddy,” said Kiley.

Denton Police said an investigation is ongoing.

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