Burglar Caught on Camera in Dallas' M Streets

A brazen thief is causing trouble for people who live in the "M Streets" neighborhood of Dallas.

The burglar was caught on camera breaking into a car on McCommas Boulevard, and neighbors are concerned about a problematic trend.

On Monday night, one neighbor was home, just feet away from his car, when it was burglarized.

The stealthy thief didn't make much noise as he opened the car, took designer sunglasses and clothes, and took off on his bike.

“To know this is going on in the neighborhood is a little bit scary,” said neighbor Melinda Calder.

The Lower Greenville Neighborhood Association said early last month there were at least a half-dozen car break-ins. That's enough to keep Calder and others on guard and on alert.

“Just be aware of your surroundings, pay attention to what's going on, report anything if you see anything,” she said.

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