Broken AC Puts Dallas Court in the Hot Seat

Dallas Municipal Court, which is already facing a backlog of cases, was put further behind Wednesday when a broken air conditioner shut down the building.

While crews worked to repair the AC unit, dozens of court visitors were turned away Wednesday. Many said they weren't happy about the disruption.

"I don't think just because the AC is broken that the whole building should be closed just because of that," Tyler Huddleston said. "It's slightly, kind of ridiculous, personally, because now I don't even know when I'll be able to get this done now, honestly, because I took off work for this."

Amos Oguto, who came all the way from Washington to petition a ticket, was also turned away.

"I'm here to attend a court date on a traffic ticket," he said. "I've waited three months to come over here, and now they tell me the court is closed."

The city said the building will reopen Thursday, but it was little reassurance to Oguto.

"I don't have time to come back tomorrow," he said. "I have to go back to Washington tomorrow."

Dallas said the court will not dismiss any of the cases that were supposed to be heard Wednesday, but will reschedule them. All of the 150 people who were supposed to face a judge will be notified of their new court date by mail.

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