Brandon Bevers Has Found Peace With God After Wife’s Killing

Investigation into slain fitness instructor ongoing

As the investigation into the slaying of Missy Bevers continues, her husband continues to cooperate with police and says he's found peace and strength by leaning on God.

Missy Bevers was found dead inside the Creekside Church in Midlothian on April 18, where she was set to teach a Camp Gladiator fitness class. 

Police have not named any suspects or revealed a motive but are working to identify a person in tactical gear whose image was captured on surveillance footage in the minutes before Bevers was killed.

After another meeting with police Wednesday morning, her husband, Brandon Bevers, talked with the media about the latest developments in the case and how he is coping with the loss of his wife.

"They didn't call me here, I just occasionally have things in my mind that I want to share with them and so I come up here and say, 'Hey, I'm coming up here —I've got this on my mind,'" Brandon said.

When asked how he was doing, Brandon was frank in his reply that he's only doing as well as he is because of his faith in God.

"If it wasn't for me leaning on God as heavily as I am right now, OK, there is no way — I would be melted just into this asphalt," he said. "There is no way the Brandon Bevers before this would be standing here today without me leaning on God, and His word and His direction, like, I find peace in it. It's very comforting. I obtain wisdom from it."

Brandon Bevers said he has seen the headlines but hasn't read the latest reports that offer details of his wife's slaying — that she "had multiple puncture wounds found on her head and chest" that "are consistent with tools the suspect was carrying throughout the building."

"I haven't even read it, so don't divulge. I haven't even read the story. I saw it and I was unwilling to even...and I'm not even there so don't tell me anything," he said.

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