Plans for Revamp of Big Tex Circle Released

Plans for Big Tex, the iconic symbol of the State Fair of Texas, are taking shape.

Later this week, State Fair representatives will present to the Dallas Landmark Commission a proposed update to Big Tex Circle.

An electrical fire destroyed Big Tex last fall, bringing an end to his 60-year reign as the official greeter to fairgoers.

Dallas design firm Studio Outside released renderings of the plans that show a limestone seating wall surrounding the center ring where Big Tex will stand. The center area would be raised from its current six-foot height to a height of nine to 12 feet and would be filled with cacti or native grasses.

"We, over the years, realized that that is probably the most photographed spot in Texas, at least for 24 days," fair spokeswoman Sue Gooding said. "The mission, the goal that we set forth to [the designers] was we want Big Tex to have a place of honor."

The renderings use the Big Tex design. Plans for the Big Tex himself will be unveiled at a later date. The redesigned version will be 55 feet tall, three feet taller than the original Big Tex, Gooding said.

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