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Baylor University Medical Center's Nutrition Team Feeds Officers During Tragedy

Michael Esquenazi, General Manager for Food Nutrition at Baylor University Medical Center Dallas, knew right away the hours of Thursday evening and Friday morning would be difficult.

"I was watching the events unfolding with my wife and knew that patients were going to be coming to Baylor and knew that they were going to need our help, no matter what help that might be," said Esquenazi.

The hospitality staff, including kitchen workers, worked in overdrive to help nourish the officers who began filling up the emergency department as they waited for word on the lives of their comrades who had been shot.

Esquenazi said when he arrived back at work that evening, he saw several staff members had voluntarily arrived, as well.

"Our team really came together. They started producing breakfast tacos, sandwiches and salads and any food we could get our hands on and making everything we could. We went to our emergency water supply, pulled water and we started walking the building, taking care of the officers that were coming in, staff that were working very hard, all the visitors coming through the emergency room," said Esquenazi.

"There were a lot of folks there at the time and we thought it'd be our best opportunity to help start the healing process," he added.

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