Allie Spillyards

Auto Repair Calls Spike After Unexpected Hail Storm

North Texans are dealing with extensive hail damage following Wednesday morning’s storms creating a backlog at auto repair shops in hard-hit cities like Carrollton.

Glass Doctor says it’s received more than 100 calls in less than 48 hours.

While technicians often come to customers, the company’s changed how it operates this week asking customers to come to them so they can help more people deal with hail damage sooner.

“We’ve seen broken windshields, broken back glasses, completely shattered, you know baseball sized hail going through them, shattered quarter glasses, door glasses and just a lot of damage on the vehicle,” said Kevin Garcia.

Garcia says they can handle about 20 repairs a day. He expects they’ll be working at max capacity for at least a couple of weeks.

Body shops in the area also say they’ve been inundated with calls. Many don’t expect repairs to begin for about a week, however, as they wait on insurance adjusters to make the rounds surveying damage.

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