Austin Couple Has a Whataburger Wedding Cake

One of a kind wedding cake is a tribute to a Texas burger chain

Did this couple take their love for Whataburger too far?

One Austin couple loves the burger chain so much that they had their wedding cake designed to look just like the old-style, A-frame Whataburger restaurant.

Lauren and Andrew Logan grew up in DeSoto and met at a Whataburger while in high school more than 10 years ago. Little did they know it at the time but Whataburger would one day play a big role on their wedding day.

After having a bad experience at a fine dining restaurant on Valentine's Day the couple decided to finish their evening with another trip to Whataburger. Ever since then, the Logans have made it a tradition to eat at Whataburger each Valentine's Day.

 When the couple married in October 2011, they asked Ruth Robbins of Tastefully Yours Cakes in Southlake to craft their one of a kind orange and white cake.

That wasn't all; everyone at the reception was sent home with a gift, wrapped in a Whataburger to-go bag, of course.

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