Armored car guard killed in attempted robbery identified, remembered for always finding fun side of life

Police continue to search for the person responsible for Ruback’s death

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As detectives search for the person responsible for shooting and killing an armored truck guard during a robbery yesterday, loved ones are mourning a man who was looking ahead to a new chapter.

Friday morning, Dallas Police said 53-year-old David Ruback was shot and killed during an attempted robbery at Big Jim’s Cash Checking in Old East Dallas.

Ruback was working as an armored car guard for GardaWorld Cash, a job his girlfriend Terry Ball said he’d done for more than 20 years and hoped to retire from soon.

Ball said the couple dated for two and a half years after meeting online.

Earlier this year, they moved in together.

“We actually had plans to get married in the future,” said Ball.

Ball said the couple dreamed of future travel plans. She said Ruback was also trying to create fun. He was active and loved to be outside.

“He was always trying to find the fun side of life, and I think that’s what I’m going to miss the most about him. I look forward to that every day and now that’s going to happen because he’s not coming home anymore,” she said.

Ball said years earlier, Ruback was shot on the job and recovered quickly and neither imagined it would happen again, this time with deadly consequences.

“You bounce back and forth between not believing that that’s real and then just utter grief,” said Ball.

Police continue to search for the person responsible for Ruback’s death.

Ball is asking anyone with information to come forward to Dallas Police.

“When you know that it wasn’t really his time to go, and somebody took that away from him, and you have no one to answer for it, it’s an awful, empty feeling,” she said.

She hopes an arrest will ease her pain, though Ball knows it won’t bring back the man she loved or the life the couple had mapped out together.

“This man had something to live for. He had friends and he had family and he had a future that was mapped out and it’s all gone,” said Ball.

Friday, GardaWorld Cash released a statement saying in part, "At this time, we are focused on deploying the necessary resources to support our people and working closely with the authorities in their investigation.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Dallas Police.

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