All Clear at University of Texas at Arlington After Report of Armed Man Locks Down Campus

UT-Arlington is back to normal after a scare Wednesday morning put the entire campus on high alert.

At about 10:00 a.m., UTA Police received multiple reports that a man wearing army fatigues was seen carrying a gun inside the university’s Architecture building.

The west side of campus was briefly put on shelter-in-place while UTA and Arlington police officers surrounded the building. An alert was also sent to all students and faculty members.

“We were scared and also confused,” said J.C. Puebla, a UTA freshman who lives in a dorm across the street from the Architecture building. “We didn’t know why a man would have a gun or what was going on.”

Officers quickly located the man and detained him. They said he had no weapons – just a camera and a tripod that he was using to film some kind of video project.

Within the hour they determined there was no threat and gave the all clear.

“Our campus community did exactly what we asked them to do,” said UTA Police Chief Kim Lemaux. “And that’s if you see something, say something. They called us. They reached out. As I said, we couldn’t be more proud.”

UTA police have not released the man’s name, but told NBC 5 he is not a student at the university.

University of Texas at Arlington senior Parker Burris describes what he saw as police locked down the campus for what was thought to be an armed man.

They also said he cooperated with investigators and was released Wednesday afternoon.

Because there is no evidence that any illegal activity took place, the man likely won’t face any charges.

NBC 5's Frank Heinz contributed to this report.

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