Arlington Voters Nearly Split on New Rangers Stadium

Poll finds 56% of voters play to vote "yes"

A new poll released on Sunday shows Arlington voters are nearly split on a measure that would pay for a new baseball stadium for the Texas Rangers.

The poll, conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, found 56 percent of the 300 Arlington voters surveyed plan to vote in favor of the new stadium with a retractable roof.

"Now is our time to keep the Rangers. It is not a time for us to say 'no,'" said Arlington mayor Jeff Williams. "This is our opportunity to make sure we don't lose the Texas Rangers. We can't guarantee there will be another opportunity at all."

The cost of the $1 billion facility would be split between the city and the Rangers.

"I'm voting no because it's a bad deal," said Warren Norred, an Arlington resident. "There's a scare tactic that Dallas wants our Rangers. Dallas can't afford their cops. They can't afford to take care of stray dogs."

Norred is an attorney part of the group -- Citizens for a Better Arlington.

"Dallas is not taking our Rangers. They have eight years left on their lease. They cannot leave early, so I look at all of that and say, 'No, go back and do this right.' The only thing wrong with the stadium is that the Rangers want more money," said Norred. "We're the best spot in the metroplex for this place."

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