Argyle School District Employees Hit with Data Breach

The Argyle Independent School District is warning it's employees of a data breach.

District leaders said Wednesday an employee got a "phishing" email that appeared to be from the district superintendent.

That email asked for the 2016 W-2 information for all employees of the district. The employee complied with the email, attaching and emailing all W-2 information. 

The Argyle ISD is in contact with the FBI, IRS and local police departments. So far, they are not sure who sent the email.

"Phishing" emails are designed to gather personal information and can appear to be from a legitimate organization or known individual.

Argyle ISD said it deeply regrets the incident and will contact all current and former employees about the breach. The district is also offering one year of free credit monitoring for the employees affected by the data breach. 

The IRS said they are now monitoring the tax returns of the affected employees for any fraudulent returns.

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