Aqua-Tots Swimmers Donate 8,374 Bottles of Water to Mansfield Fire Department

Hats off to the young swimmers at Aqua-Tots Swim School in Mansfield.

During the school's "Hydrate the Heroes" campaign, students collected 238 cases of bottled water and Gatorade to be donated to the Mansfield Fire Department.

The 238 cases totaled about 9,374 bottles, the school said.

One student, 8-year-old Kyra, donated the most water -- about 85 cases, or 2,100 bottles.

CMS Services, a supplies delivery service, donated their time and a box truck to ferry the water to the fire department.

Aqua-Tots said they will do the event every July and hope it grows to include other businesses and cities in a Metroplex-wide event.

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