First Guns, Now Ammo Shortage

Ammunition in short supply all across North Texas

A run on ammunition is leaving North Texas dealers with a severe shortage, and in some cases, stores don't have any ammo on the shelves.

Ever since President Obama was elected, customers anticipating new restrictions on guns, have been buying up ammunition as quickly as stores receive it, dealers said. 

"Whatever pistol ammo trickles in is gone that day," said Brian Shadowens, hunting team leader at Bass Pro Shops in Grapevine.

Jon Wallace, head buyer at Elk Castle in Fort Worth, said people are in a panic buying mode and the store may go a week to a week and a half with no 9-millimeter ammunition.

Wallace said the war in Iraq and an increasing demand for metals used in manufacturing from Asian and Pacific Rim countries have also contributed to the shortage.  He said he spends several hours every day digging for ammunition from major suppliers.

Shadowens said the customer who used to buy a box of ammo at a time from Bass Pro Shops will now buy 50 boxes if they're on the shelves. 

According to Shadowens, the National Shooting Sports Foundation issued an email recently alerting dealers that most manufacturers are working three shifts, 24/7 to try and meet the demand, but they are still six months behind in supplying enough ammunition to dealers.

Wallace, at Elk Castle, says he does see signs that the shortage may be easing up.

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