Allen, One of the Best Burbs to Retire

Snow Heart

For some of you retirement may be years away but for others not so much and there is a city right here in North Texas that is getting good marks for one of the best places to retire.

According to Allen is one of the top US suburbs for retirement.

Forbes cited the low cost of living, low crime rate and what it called a favorable "Texas tax climate" in the list of what's good about the city. But the one drawback, which we don't have to tell you, is below-average air quality.

The median home price of about $200,000 is also a plus for the city, but it wasn't the only Texas city on the list.

The Houston suburb of Friendswood also made the list because the cost of living is below the national average. And according to Forbes, the price of a home may dip below $200,000 because of the area is near the Johnson Space Center and there have been major changes in the space program.

The close proximity of hospitals also played a part in the list.

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