‘Allegiant’ is a Snooze-Fest: Movie Critic Gary Cogill

Grab your pillow and good luck, "Allegiant" is a snooze-fest and part one of the finale in the mediocre "Divergent" film series.

Toxic rain is falling, Chicago has been walled in, and Shailene Woodley looks overly bored yet fashionable in a devastated future. But she has a boyfriend who's name is Four, not three, Four, and he knows martial arts, so they kiss a lot before they jump the wall to find a new life.

What they find is Jeff Daniels, playing a comatose dictator seeking genetic perfection. In his world you are either pure or damaged, and it's only a matter of time before the girl in white and the beat-em'-up boyfriend wake up to such oppression. I can't say the same for the audience, they might never wake up from such nonsense.

"Allegiant" is directed with a bottle of NoDoz by Robert Schwentke, he directed the first two episodes.

Despite its grand themes of segregation and oppression, and an over the top performance by Naomi Watts, his movie never connects or resonates with the audience. While characters are fighting for their lives, the audience is fighting to stay awake.

"Allegiant" is rated a boring PG-13, and won't win any awards for subtlety or special effects. Part two of the finale' arrives next year, which gives all of us plenty of time to catch up on our sleep.

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