Fort Worth

Aledo Girl Donates Teddy Bears to Comfort Children

A teddy bear can go a long way in comforting a child.

Maggie Burnett, 11, knows it well. Mom Melony Burnett says "she suffered two concussions within a year of each other. She was in ICU both times and was given a prayer bear."

Her mom says the first time "she tripped, fell and hit her head."  Less than a year later, "she was on her scooter, had on her helmet, hit the gas instead of the brake, fell and hit her head again."

Maggie never forgot what that bear meant to her, and the Aledo girl now pays it forward through her bracelet business called Beads for Life.

She makes the bracelets, then sells them at fairs, events and where ever she can. She then takes 10% of what she earns and goes shopping. Not for herself, but for other children.

She buys teddy bears and donates them. This week, Maggie had enough money to buy and donate 17 bears to patients at Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth.

Her generosity and compassion amazes mom Melony. "I'm so proud of her for giving back," she wrote in an email to NBC5.

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