Abortion Protests, Debate Come to Frisco ISD High School

If you're driving by Liberty High School in the Frisco Independent School District, you might have seen a group of people with signs reading "Abolish Abortion" or "Stop Murdering."

The group posting the signs calls themselves "abolitionists" — not to be confused with pro-life supporters.

"The pro-life movement wants to regulate how, when, and where you can kill babies, and abolitionists say we should make it illegal," said Tom Bullis, with the group.

The group sets out signs in front of churches and abortion clinics, and now, high schools.

"We'd see the young girls coming in and it breaks our heart," Bullis said. "We figured we'd go to the front lines instead of the finish lines, and try to reach these kids before they get pregnant and before they decide to have an abortion."

After seeing the signs, about 150 students from Liberty High School blocked the signs from view on Friday.

"They show really graphic images that I think, and a bunch of our students think, that younger kids or even freshman and sophomores at our school shouldn't have to see at this early in their lifetime, " said Bailey Smith, a senior at Liberty High School.

Smith said she started the movement by emailing some of her classmates.

"None of these posters or signs could be seen because of how many kids were out there," she said.

But rather than the abolitionists being aggravated, Bullis said he sees this as an opportunity to spark conversation.

"We had 30 really good conversations, and changed some kids' minds," he said.

Bullis said they plan to keep coming to the school until the students are out for summer vacation.

NBC DFW spoke with the principal at the high school, and he did not have a comment.

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