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Two Killed, Two in Custody After Burger Street Shooting



    A witness to Wednesday's shooting recalls hearing gunfire and later seeing one of the shooting victims on the ground. (Published Thursday, Feb. 17, 2011)

    The video above is raw video from witness Stephanie Cone who heard the shots and saw a body on the ground.

    Dallas police have detained two men in connection with a shooting outside of a Burger Street restaurant that left two men dead overnight Wednesday.

    Investigators said a trail of blood from the shootout on the 5500 block of E. Mockingbird Lane led to a neighboring apartment complex, a big bag of drugs and two male suspects.

    Witnesses said two men were sitting in a parked car at the restaurant when they were approached by two other men.  According to Kevin Janse with the Dallas Police Department, one pair tried to rob the other during a drug deal and things quickly turned violent. A struggle ensued, shots were exchanged and one man, 27-year-old Chadwick Ryan, was dead at the scene.

    The other victim, 29-year-old Robert Allen, was transported to Baylor Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

    Witness Stephanie Cone, who can be seen in the video above, said people in the area started scattering when the gunfire started near a drive-thru area.

    "I pulled into the gas station, I heard three shots. 'Boom boom boom' in a row," Cone said. "I just jumped in my car and drove away. Everyone scattered ... and by that time all I wanted to do was get away. Then wanted to come back and see what was going on. I went around the block and there was a body lying ... under the drive through. And then ... five to 10 minutes after I heard three shots ... the cops were on the scene."

    When officers arrived, they followed the trail of blood to a nearby apartment complex. Along the way, they found a large bag of drugs, though officers said its unclear if those drugs were related to the shooting.

    Officers followed the blood trail to a residence and entered the apartment behind ballistic shields.  Once inside the apartment officers found and arrested two men, 25-year-old Christian Emanual Avalos (above, right) and 24-year-old Jason Greer Frappier (below, right).

    Frappier was transported to Baylor Medical Center in Dallas where he underwent surgery for a gunshot wound to his elbow. He is currently being guarded by officers and will be transported to jail when he is released from the hospital.

    Both men have been charged with capital murder.