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Deep Ellum Gives "Tire-Boots" the Boot



    Deep Ellum Gives "Tire-Boots" the Boot
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    As of Friday, parking lots in Deep Ellum that would boot your car now have to provide receipts.

    The rules have changed when it comes to parking in private lots in Deep Ellum. As of Friday, lots in Deep Ellum that allow booting must issue parking receipts, either electronically or through an attendant. The Dallas City Council approved the ordinance in August after hundreds of drivers complained about having their cars booted, even though they'd paid to park.

    “We’ve had people get livid in here before, blaming us,” said Angry Dog waiter, Vincent Gomez. The Deep Ellum restaurant on Commerce Street has a sign on its doors warning customers about the suspicious booting practices in nearby parking lots. “It’s caused customers not to want to come downtown,” Gomez said. “Business has kinda slowed down and stuff.”

    But Gomez and others with a stake in Deep Ellum are hopeful business will pick up in the New Year, thanks to the new ordinance. “I think now, we have the law on our side,” said Barry Annino, President of the Deep Ellum Foundation.  Annino says the new ordinance was more than a year in the making. “It’s taken thousands of emails, complaints and hours at City Hall.”

    Friday night, there were no attendants or electronic machines in the Deep Ellum lots outside Angry Dog. “That means they won’t be booting cars,” Annino said. Gomez said now its a matter of spreading the word to customers that it's safe to return to his restaurant. "This will help, this will definitely help," he said.