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Teens Held Hostage Change Their Tune



    Teens Held Hostage Change Their Tune
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    Three girls held hostage in what was originally reported as a random home invasion Friday are changing their tune -- they invited the robbers in.

    At first, 14-year-old Brittaney Williams told police she and her 9-year-old sister were home alone, when three gunmen they did not know burst in through the garage.

    "It's just a reality shock. You got somebody busting in your house, when you and your little sister are home, and you don't know who they is. And they just put you in a closet..." Williams told NBCDFW cameras Friday afternoon.

    She said a 14-year-old neighbor friend who showed up at the wrong time was also held hostage.

    But now, the girl's family says the first part of the story has changed. Turns out the girls had recently met the suspects -- several older teenage boys -- and invited them over.

    Once inside, the boys pulled out guns, tied up the girls, and made off with a big-screen TV, jewelry, and other items.

    The girls' parents, who rushed home from work, were stumped, at first, why robbers would have targeted their home.

    "You never think it can happen to you until it happens," one parent told our cameras on Friday."We've lived here 4 years. We have no idea who it could have been."

    Soon after the family and friends huddled together to pray for answers, the mystery got a little clearer.

    Police say the robbery really did happen, but instead of a random home invasion, it appears to be a case of young girls, getting involved with the wrong guys.